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Lovely Las Vegas Trips: IJYSHENG Bakery Taipei

Some days, especially when a storm is a brewing in the air, a cozy afternoon at home sounds like just the right thing. Add a two-year-old companion and naps to be reckoned with and you have a winner for such itinerary. One such day in Taipei, instead of having tea time out and about, I crafted a little tea time at home, complete with delicious treats from IJYSHENG bakery (sweet take away if you will). I've written about my love of Sunmerry bakery before, so here is a chance to showcase another delicious hot spot. Both Sunmerry and IJYSHENG were convenient bakeries crossed upon during my on my daily Taipei walkabouts. Their signs beckoned me daily, hehe. 

(Above) Here are some of the beautiful desserts in the display case and on my tray while still at the bakery. 

And now are all the at home, right before enjoying these goodies, trying to capture their essense... (Above) Up close view of a light, smooth strawberry mousse. 

Little chocolate, pistachio and raspberry torte. 

A mud ca…

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