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Lovely Las Vegas Travels: Cassie Secondhand Fashion Brand, Taipei, Taiwan

I had walked past Cassie Cassie Secondhand Fashion Brand with much intrigue before making my way inside (since I always walked passed it in the early AM before it had opened). Being a big fan of secondhand / thrift store shopping in Las Vegas (Buffalo Exchange, Catholic Charities, Faith Lutheran thrift store, Savers, Goodwill, all the great children consignment stores!), I enjoy checking out the thrift store scene in other locals, especially while abroad (a  favorite shirt and  two pants of mine  came from a Goodwill in Oslo, Norway! 🇳🇴) So it was an exciting prospect to visit a shop in Taipei, Taiwan, Yongkang Jie area.

Walking down the narrow staircase to the B1 (basement 1) level store, I saw many cute bags and shoes before getting a view of the main store area. Packed inside the larger B1 space was an amazing assortment and variety of clothes (women's, men's & children's), shoes, bags and homestuff.

Having a preschooler who is only wanting to wear long sleeves s…

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