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Lovely Las Vegas Trips: Goats Milk Delivery Taipei

Prior to our month long trip to Taiwan, we had to research the availability of goats milk on the island. Given our littlest one tolerates goats milk better than cows milk we needed to make sure we could purchase goats milk easily. Looking online, I was able to come up with a website, in Chinese, that offered goats milk. Not sure on the credibility or logistics of securing milk with this company, I checked with the owners of the flat we were to be renting. They explained this was a well-know goats milk home delivery service in Taiwan amd that we could start and stop service easily at anytime. In addition, we could adjust the daily quantity needed simply, too (one isn't locked into a certain quantity which is helpful if you are not certain how many bottles will be needed to satisfy the usual goats milk needed... given the different container size and potential differing needs while abroad... I was a little unsure at first how to precisely gauge our need so definitely just estimated…

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