Romantic Las Vegas Recommendations

Photo credit: Jules, Red Roses at Red Rock Station

To keep with the theme of love, here are some personal recommendations to make a Las Vegas sojourn a little more romantic:

1) Take your love to the Bellagio's dancing fountain show and partake in a little kissing. It's a wonderful activity when the temperatures are low and you need a little extra body heat.

2) Head up the Stratosphere before sunset to ring out the day with a lovely view. Then linger on and enjoy the sparkling evening view of the Valley. To make the night even more romantic, head to the revolving Top of the World Restaurant of the Stratosphere. I haven't yet eaten there, but it is supposed to make a 360 degree circle about every 1.5 hours, so you could get a wonderful, complete view of the Valley all from the same seat during your dinner.

3) Speaking of vistas, pick a spot at any other locale with an excellent Las Vegas view. For example, Mix at THEhotel/Mandalay Bay, the Voodoo Lounge at the Rio, Alize at the Palms, or the rooftop parking garage level at McCarran Airport.

4) Grab the makings for a picnic and head out into nature! Lake Mead and Red Rock provide natural beauty fit for a leisurely picnic. Plus, you can extend the afternoon with water sports at Lake Mead or hiking at Red Rock. Mount Charleston is another cool spot to check out.

6) Head to Henderson for a visit to Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Gardens. After grabbing a few sweet treats in the store (including a free sample after the factory tour), stroll through the lovely and exotic Cactus Garden.

7) Make your way to the Eiffel Tour, Las Vegas. Oooh la la! My favourite: grab some cafe au lait and a yummy fruit tart (or other treat of your choice), and transport your mind to a cozy French cafe.

So those are my top 7 recommendations. What is your ideal way to capture romance in Las Vegas?

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J. Money said…
OH man i LOOOOOOVE Vegas and all their goodies! i'll have to bookmark this one for later in the year when i hopefully come back ;)
Maria said…
If we ever make it to Las Vegas I am going to follow your suggestions ... I would love a Vegas getaway!
Maria: great! I'm glad you liked the suggestions. And I do hope you are able to make a trip to Las Vegas someday soon : ).
Anonymous said…
I've never been to Vegas but you're list of yummy things to do there is certainly enticing me. I'd have to say #4 is exactly my idea of ROMANTIC. A picnic at Red Rock sounds dreamy!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment. It's great to meet a fellow Piscean Sheep!
Dream With the Fishes: From your blog name, I sensed a Pisces soul, but I was suprised that you were also a Sheep : ).

If you make it to Las Vegas, you definitely need to spend time at Red Rock... there is a little educational history/nature museum and it is a great place for photography and picnics. It you aren't interested in spending much time at the Strip, then just book a room at the Red Rock Casino. It's in a nice area of town, is a pretty simple but elegant sort of hotel/casino/spa and is pretty close to the canyon.

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