Las Vegas: 9 Family-Friendly Activities

Chantal over at Keira's Adventures recently asked me about family-friendly activities in Las Vegas. With the Strip synonymous with gambling and other adult activities, it may seem that Las Vegas is no place for little ones. But really, there are many great things to do on the Strip and throughout the Valley for families with children. Not having children myself, I don't claim to be an expert. However, as a kid-at-heart, I do have some ideas of places that may be a great place for your own family to have fun. Here's a random list. Please feel free to add to the list in the comments (or veto as appropriate)!

1) MGM's Lion Habitat - Inside the MGM, this is a free activity yet oh so priceless. Amazing to watch these magnificent creatures up close while they rest and play.

2) Springs Preserve - An educational mecca both indoors and outdoors. Full exhibits dedicated to regional history and the desert environment, this is a great way to spend an afternoon. There is even a special gallery just for kids, with fun activities and games teaching about how to be kinder to the Earth. There are also gardens and walking trails for getting some exercise while enjoying the outdoors.

3) Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens - Inside the Bellagio is a beautiful atrium that changes themes with the seasons and is always elegantly over-the-top in a way only the Bellagio can mastermind. It's a lovely location to take a stroll and bring out the camera for unique family photos.

4) Jean-Philippe Patisserie @ Bellagio - While still at the Bellagio, turn the corner from the atrium. There you will come upon a lovely shop full of sweets and some serious eye-candy in the form of a fountain flowing over with chocolate!

5) Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium - A massive aquarium filled with sharks (of course!), sea turtles, piranha, and even golden crocodiles, among other creatures of the sea. Monday - Friday there is even an educational program associated with the aquarium. More more information or to make reservations for the special session, call 702.632.4555.

6) Lied Discovery Museum - I used to love visiting here back in the day. Exhibits encompass arts & humanities, sciences, nature, and music. For more information, call: 702.382.KIDS.

7) Good off the Strip locations to stay and/or play: Lake Las Vegas (MonteLago Village Resort, Ritz-Carlton) is a bit of a drive away from the Strip and actually is in Henderson, Nevada, but it is a beautiful resort with a Mediterranean feel. There are even free outdoor movies on the lawn by the lake every Thursday night at 8 PM during the summer. Or Red Rock Casino (in the Northwest of the Valley and close to Red Rock Canyon, plus it has a nice movie theatre and arcade), or Green Valley Ranch which is adjacent to the The District for shopping and dining.

8) Chinatown: Just a short drive from the Strip, this may be a fun place to visit. It definitely has nothing on LA, San Francisco or New York's Asian areas, but it does have some very cool restaurants (i.e., Ichiza Japanese Restaurant and Sake House) and a great tea house in the form of Tea Planet, complete with boba iced teas to an amazing variety of hot teas.

9) For those with an adventurous outdoorsy spirit, there is always Red Rock Canyon, Mount Charleston, Lake Mead/Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire, all beautiful nature reserve areas close enough for a day trip or just an afternoon.

These are just a few ideas of ways to spend your time in Las Vegas with the family. But of course, if you prefer relaxation, I'd just book a classy hotel, kick off the shoes, order room service and then lounge the day away as you oversee the kids playing Marco Polo in the pool.

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SonyaAnn said…
What a WONDERFUL entry! I love this. And I love the free stuff too. Good job Jules!!!
Thanks so much, Sonya Ann! You are always so sweet.
EatTravelEat said…
Great entry! Some places I have not been to before, like the Springs Preserve (which now I need to visit next time I visit), and some I have. I would add the Showcase mall just because it has the coco-cola store as well as M&M's world which seems to attract many kids :). And maybe the Ethel M Chocolate Factory too...
EatTravelEat: Great additions! I do love Ethel M... and I think I wrote about it and the M&M store in my chocolate article in Feb ; ). You are totally on top of all the good foodie places, hehe.

Oh, definitely visit the Springs Preserve - maybe you can review the restaurant there. I've been to the park/education stuff, but haven't eaten there yet. I think it is a Wolfgang Puck eatery? I'll wait for your review ; ).
I actually ate at the Wolfgang Puck cafe in Springs Preserve and found it delightful. Reasonably priced with larger portions. My husband had a sandwich and I had a salad with salmon and we ended up stealing from each other's plates.

Little ones that come to visit us always seem to love Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, and last time they were in town the da Vinci exhibit was at a museum in Henderson so it's a good idea to check the rotating exhibits.
Mrs. Modern Tightwad: Thank you for the review on the Springs Preserve Wolfgang Puck cafe! It sounds great... I need to try it out now that I know it is pretty reasonable... and that salmon salad sounds delish!

Also - great recommendation on Madame Tussaud's - I never even thought of it since I haven't been there yet (another addition to my "to do" list!).
Anonymous said…
Just popped over to say Hello!
A.Marie said…
Oh Wow...I love how you write your blog. It makes me feel as if I am actually there!! I would love love love to try that salmon salad!! :)
Chantal said…
LOVE this! Love the aquarium and lions at MGM! Thx so much for all the research and info. Wow, definately on our list for our trip next year. Could even be a long weekend type of thing too... My head is swelling with ideas now.. I'm so excited!

ps. thx for the plug. : )

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