CineVegas Film Festival

The 11th annual CineVegas Film Festival is opening this month in lovely Las Vegas. Starting on 10 June and wrapping up on 15 June, this event will bring cinematic magic to the Valley.

Movie stars set to grace the CineVegas big screen include Robin Williams (World's Greatest Dad), Sarah Silverman (Saint John of Las Vegas), Dylan McDermott & James Caan (both in Mercy), Justin Long & Emmanuelle Chriqui (both in Patriotville), Matt Damon (All In - The Poker Movie), Dennis Hopper (Palermo Shooting), Zooey Deschanel (500 Days of Summer), Hugh Dancy, Rose Byrne, & Peter Gallagher (all in Adam), Arsenio Hall (Black Dynamite), Kevin Spacey (Moon), and James Gandolfini (In the Loop) - just to name of few of the actors that stood out to me.

An awesome and unique aspect of this years' festival is the return of a timeless classic - the Beatles's Yellow Submarine. A showing of this animation film will occur on 13 June at the Mandalay Bay Beach. Entrance to the beach opens at 8:30 PM with the feature beginning at 9:30 PM. So bring your swimsuits and enjoy the sand and surf and play submarine while watching this psychedelic, aquatic, feature film.

Tickets go for $10 per film (plus applicable charges) but a range of package deals are available, including day passes for $40 and the all-inclusive Royal Flush pass for $500. Purchase festival passes, ticket packages and/or individual tickets at or 888-8VEGAS8. Discounts are available for locals, seniors, students and military personnel. Tickets can also be purchased at all Las Vegas Ticketmaster stations in person, over the phone at 800.745.3000 or at In addition, for the Yellow Submarine showing, tickets are available through Mandalay Bay at 877.632.7400 or online at

For more information on this event and for current information on prices and film showing, please check out the CineVegas Film Festival website.


SonyaAnn said…
Sounds like fun!
Hope all is well with you! I stop by almost every day for my Jules fix!
Sonya Ann -- You are too sweet! Thanks for stopping by so much... I always love stopping by A Mom, Money, and More ... don't always comment, but always enjoy your posts and have you in my thoughts during your crazy trials and tribulations as well as your great triumphs.
SonyaAnn said…
See could I love you any more!
I see it more as turbulence! My life is nuts.
cool website! we love visiting LV
A.Marie said…
Hello, Hello! Just coming by to check up on you and see what you are doing! I want to come to the CineVegas Film Festival...It sounds like soooo much fun. I think that going to the Mandalay Bay Beach and seeing the animation film would just be awesome! Oh well, a girl can dream, can't she?! :)
SonyaAnn said…
Thank you for coming to see me today. Sending good thoughts right back at ya!

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