Happy Summer from Lovely Las Vegas!

Photo credit: Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas
(Important summertime warning in Boulder City, Nevada, overlooking view of Lake Mead)

Las Vegas' Mayor Oscar Goodman ceremoniously welcomed summer to Las Vegas last month, but still, Happy Summer to everyone elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere!

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Chantal said…
Wow! Do they really post those up over there?? That dry heat is making me itch to move there. Where is this neighborhood? Another great image!
A.Marie said…

It is finally beginning to feel like summer here; it is going to be in the 90s this week...my garden is loving this rainy weather and heat!! ;)

Great picture! I wanna move there!! :)
Hi Chantal. Thanks for the comment! I actually saw that sign about 1 year ago in Boulder City (its the little town adjacent to Lake Mead/Hoover Dam)... BC is about 45 minutes from the Southeast side of Las Vegas. It is a precious town with cute buildings on its main street, a great proximity to the lake, plus it is unique in that it is the only town in Nevada that prohibits gambling.

Anyway, it was the first time I noticed a sign like that, so I don't think it is that common. But it is a very good reminder!
A.Marie: Awesome to hear. Warm weather plus rain and a lovely garden - how better of a summer could it get : ).
Hi Jules,
What a fabulous blog you have!
Very enjoyable,superb pics and articles.
Congratulations my friend, hope to see you in Biarritz soon!
Very best wishes,
I'm sitting in Portland in warmy socks and a sweatshirt. I think I skipped summer this year! Happy blogging. :)
I Have lived most of my life here in Vegas as well. I fell in love with this blog. I go crazy here, wishing I lived in California or Oregon, somewhere green if you know what I mean. After reading your blog it gave me a whole new perspective on Vegas. I should try to be more positive about our great city. THANK YOU!

By the way I live near Boulder City and I have seen that Sign many time.
Anonymous said…
Happy summer back! Sorry I haven't been stalking you enough, I'm working on it though. And it's 90 here. I love it!!!!!
Theresa C said…
I did a double take, we have almost the same photo (taken when we drove to the Hoover Dam during our first trip to Las Vegas), it rotates on my screen saver. Yeah its hot but it's a dry heat! LOL
A.Marie said…
Hi there Jules! I just cruised on over here to say "Hello" and hope that you had a great 4th.

It rained here the ENTIRE DAY! The parade got cancelled that my teen son was supposed to play in as did the pool party and the fireworks.

But, guess what! We didn't care! We stayed indoors, teen son had a friend over, we ate junk food all afternoon, I read my book, we watched some old re-runs of "The Nanny", and just basically were little couchy potatoes the rest of the day! Sometimes plans that get ruined just lead to unplanned fun! :)
Anonymous said…
I just stopped in to say hi!
Oh how classic! I would love to have that sign on my door!
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad that your back. Life just wasn't as fun without you!

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