Power of Words at Lovely Las Vegas and Beyond

Lovely Las Vegas is a forum to display and inform about some of the more classy and beautiful aspects of the Las Vegas Valley. I am passionate about showing a more positive and lovely aspect of my hometown, partly because I thrive on positivity, beauty, and soulful elements of life. So, when I read Words: True Nourishment for the Body, Mind & Spirit by Liane Schmidt, I felt a great connection to the piece. I've always felt that words (and images, thoughts, etc.) have so much power and this piece illustrates this aspect on so many levels, above and beyond any explanation I have ever given. So, if you desire inspiration and a positive boost today, this is a great article to read.

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SonyaAnn said…
Thank you! I told you I'm always here. I'm like your fungus.
Being positive is one of the toughest jobs. I have to remind myself to be that way everyday, but it is definitely worth it because I think your 'energy' is largely based on your attitude. I shall have to look for this book.
Sonya Ann: Too funny! My fungal friend. ; )

Angela in Europe: Yet another great perspective from you... for me, being positive is not always the most natural thing, but definitely trying to cultivate it daily is wonderful for my spirit and body. I think it requires a bit of energy to be more positive, but as you said, getting to a positive state actually generates more energy and gives you the ability to be more active, get more done, and enjoy everything so much more.
Angela in Europe: P.S. Liane's piece is actually online. I don't think it is in a book (at least yet), but you can read it by clicking on the link.
Nancy said…
Jules, the power of words and a picture are incredible - let someone sing OKLAHOMA and I start thinking of the Buggy with the fringe, the wide open spaces, and then I get homesick!

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