Asian Las Vegas: Shan Dong Chinese Restaurant

A deliciously spicy vegetable & seafood (shrimp, mussels, octopus) soup

Cha Chiang Mein dish


This Chinese Restaurant actually has more of a Chinese-Korean vibe to me, especially as much of the staff speaks both Mandarin and Korean. Maybe because Shandong Provence is close to Korea? Does anyone know about this restaurant place or its background (is it really Chinese? Korean? Fusion?)
As for me, I really am not sure, but find it to be pretty cool whatever the reason. Now for the food: there are some elements of Korean cuisine infused throughout, like the little kimchi dish I was presented with as an appetizer. Overall, the experience was good. I tried a new dish - the cha chiang mein and was pleasantly surprised (I'm still processing how to describe it, but apparently it is a vegetarian black bean paste). This is a place I look forward to returning to and sampling more new treats.

Location: 3419 S. Jones Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89146

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Anonymous said…
It looks wonderful!!! I wish I was there!
Theresa C said…
Unfortunately I am a creature of dining habit and would never be brave enough to try the Cha Chiang Mein dish (imagine what I miss in life). Kudos to you! Thanks for posting the dining review.
I must agree with Theresa the
Cha Chiang Mein dish look a little
scary to me. But when you said it was a black bean paste that does sound good. Thank for the tip, I might have to try this little resturant.
Chantal said…
Mmm! Cha-jang myun and kimchee! Definately korean (I know, I am one!) hehe. Looks yummy! Liking the new setup Jules!
Chantal: Thanks for the confirmation!! Hehe, I'm glad someone set me straight about this yummy restaurant : ).

Theresa C: No worries... the Cha Chiang does seem a bit interesting to Western palates at first, but it is really quite delightful.

MyHappyPlace-Linda: Oh yes, the black veggie/bean sauce is what makes the dish... really delicious... hope you give it a try some time.

Sonya Ann: You should come to Las Vegas : ).

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