Asian Las Vegas: Swish Shabu Shabu Lunch

Veggies, noodles, tofu - lunch portion

My mushroom platter - lunch portion

A beef platter - lunch portion

My veggie-centric shabu shabu creation

Some ice cold mochi to prepare me for the 110 degrees Fahrenheit outside!

Previously, I've written about my love of shabu shabu in the winter. However, the summertime blasts of A/C often transport my body to the Arctic, making me in need of food that will make me warm and cozy. Recently I made a return to Swish Shabu Shabu to get those summertime chills out of my body. This time I ordered the vegetarian mushroom lunch portion - what a delightful variety! At first the portions of everything seemed small (in comparison to the dinner portions), but after using all my ingredients, my stomach and taste buds were highly contented.

Location: 7875 W. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89117

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Photo credits: Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

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I haven't really explored much on eating Asian food. I'm a big fan of mexican and Italian food. I might have to give it a try. I did try a new restaurant this weekend it was called Firefly Tapas Kitchen, 3900 Paradise rd.
The food was wonderful. It was a little trendy for me, But I will definitely go back again.
Thanks for the great tips.
Linda - I love Firefly... only have been there twice, but what a cool experience both times. Great energy/atmosphere and food. ACtually, That Paradise nook as a crazy amount of good restaurants... but those ones tend to be expensive so I don't make it there much.
A.Marie said…
You are so awesome! I love learning new things, and since I have never, ever heard of Shabu Shabu before, (remember, I am in the middle of corn and bean land!) I read your post with great interest!

I can honestly tell you that it looks delish and that mochi looks very refreshing. How do they make that, though? I have never heard of that either! Are they like popsicles?? I know...I am so sheltered! LOL
A-Marie: Hehe, I really don't know how mochi is made either... other than restaurants, I have bought a little package of mochi at Trader Joe's and some other grocery stores ... check the freezer section because they are kind of like ice cream with a soft, chewy shell on the outside. They really are yummy.

As for Shabu Shabu, I hope you get to try some! There just may be some places in your area.... before I knew about the Vietnamese soup "pho", I was totally oblivious and didn't realize how many places actually serve that dish. Once you learn about something it somehow magically appears everywhere ; ). Hehe.
Anonymous said…
You have such a wonderful life! It would be wonderful to go out and explore. Thank you for sharing, it's my little get away.
Sonya Ann: Hey Woman -- You and your blog are wonderful, too. So what ya talkin' about? Hehe, I love checking out your happenings - always something interesting. Especially all your fun culinary creations and ways of making the ordinary extraordinary!

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