Frugal Friday: Golden Gate Shrimp Cocktail

Retro signage - Golden Gate Casino on Fremont Street

Patiently waiting in the long line

My group's many shrimp cocktails

One down, more to go!!

Golden Gate Hotel & Casino on Fremont Street (Downtown Las Vegas) has a gem of a deal in their 99 cent shrimp cocktail. My parents talk about first having it many decades ago (it cost even less back then!) and today, our family continues to adore this simple, little dish.

Up until recently everyone could catch hold of this good deal. This is still the case today, but only if you sign up for the free Club 1906 card. With card and membership in tow, you can purchase two original shrimp cocktail, per order, for 99 cents instead of the new standard $1.99 price. Signing up for the card is easy... you just have to find the little membership booth, show your picture ID and then give them your name, address, and birthday, etc. and you are a member... it's that simple and so worth it!
All Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Theresa C said…
During our visits to Las Vegas we have stayed downtown several times and have often considered trying this great frugal food deal. The only reason we haven't is during our first trip to Vegas my dear hubby got food poisoning from eating shrimp off of the buffet at the Palms (it was the only food item that he had that I didn't). We have been afraid of shrimp in Vegas ever since. Looks YUMMY maybe we will swallow our fears next trip.
EatTravelEat said…
I have never tried out this shrimp cocktail even after so many years! Well the main factor I think would be that I only visited Downtown one time, and that was 3 years ago when I did not know much about good food to eat in LV (and still do not!).

Isn't it also right now that you have to earn a point with the card so that you can get it for 99 cents? At least that is what I read recently in the Tripadvisor forums. Not sure though.
Theresa C: Sorry for the food poisoning at the Palms! Hopefully you will have a better experience with the 99 cent shrimp at Golden Gate... I've eaten many of them in the past, and no problems with this little deli. However, I have had shrimp-induced food poisoning once elsewhere so I can understand your fear!
EatTravelEat: Oh, you must give it a try sometime, even if you don't review it during your next Las Vegas trip. It's quite a historical place in Las Vegas and a must do : ).

We definitely didn't earn any points on our card before getting the cocktail. We don't gamble and haven't done anything that could rack up points. The first time we got the card, we literally signed-up and then went straight to the deli to get in line! I think the points are needed moreso for the "freebies", like the t-shirts, mugs, etc.
SonyaAnn said…
Ugh, I so want to move. Shrimp cocktail and hot weather are my favorites!

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