Happy Weekend from Lovely Las Vegas!!!

Photo credit: Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas - Park in Summerlin area (August 2009)
Last weekend brought rain droplets to the Las Vegas Valley... will I be as lucky this fin de semana (I do love rain!)? Here's wishing for overcast skies and cooler summer days!
How about you? What are you wishing for this weekend?


Theresa C said…
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, rain we have had too much here in OHIO. My weekend wish would be for a sunny sky and temps warm enough to boat as we live in a river town and due to weather and circumstance have only had the boat on the water 7 times this summer. Sadly boating weather is quickly coming to an end here. Hoping you get more overcast skies with lower air temps.
Linda said…
What a nice photo. I am with you on this one, I would love cooler days. I do love the overcast days as well, and would love to see some rain. I used to think I wanted to move to place where it rained all the time. Maybe Oregon, or Washington. But latly "with a little help from you" I am trying to appreciate our beautiful desert and I have to admit the sunsets here in the desert are beautiful.
Anonymous said…
I'll trade you the hot weather for the cold and rainy mess we have. I love hot.
Have a great weekend.
Theresa C: Hehe, you are right! I love rain so much probably because there is so little of it in this desert! Your weather seems great, but I do feel badly for you that you haven't gotten to go boating as much as you'd like this Summer... hopefully in the coming days? It sounds lovely to have easily access to a river, but with work and schedules and weather I can understand how sometimes you just can't do the things you want.
Linda @ My Happy Place: Thank you! Wasn't last weekend great? Being overcast gives the valley such a dreamy vibe. It almost makes time go slower, too... always a nice thing on a weekend.

I'm glad I could help a bit. Hehe, I think this blog is partially to help me to see the beautiful aspects of Las Vegas... it is easy to be overwhelmed by the not so classy aspects, that I try to focus on the positive things.

About the desert sunrise/sunsets - agreed! They are beautiful. And the sky over Las Vegas is beautiful and vast. I love it! There are many lovely cities the world over, but I find Nevada skies to be some of the most intriguing and beguiling around!
Sonya Ann: You guys are having lots of rain right now?!? Hehehe, let's trade! You can stay here and I'll go up to your neck of the woods. Sounds good?

You have a great weekend, too.
A.Marie said…
After getting a ton of rain this past week (like 2 1/2"), this weekend is nice and sunny and cool....YAY!

Love the picture; it is beautiful!

I love cloudy, cool days; it makes my joints feel so much better! :)
Chantal said…
Oh my! We've had enough rain in Mtl. You can come here. We're wishing for sun sun and more sun! Weather has turned suddenly chilly on us, and just when I got used to the hot weather and humidity (what we call "le canicule" here. Lovely photo Jules!
Becca said…
I'm proud to admit I love the rain! Growing up here in Las Vegas it's certainly a "treat" to see some cloudy weather occasionally. Yep, that weekend, I too was outside (camera in tow) enjoying the cooler, temps. Unfortunately, only got "sprinkles" in my neighborhood, but I'll take that over sunny & hot anyday! Nice photo. :-)

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