Little Las Vegas Garden

Photo credit: Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

Happy weekend to everyone! Hope your days are filled with many sweet surprises.

My sweet surprise for today: a lovely little garden harvest of 3 plump cherry tomatoes. Small yield, yes..... but isn't it the little victories in life?

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Anonymous said…
I think they look wonderful. Chew slowly!
Frances said…
But they are from YOUR garden, so it is wonderful!
A.Marie said…
You are sooooo tomatoes haven't even started turning a little pink yet...

I bet they tasted good! :)
Chantal said…
Ooh, we just enjoyed those little lovelies today at my sister's. They are small little sweet bundles of joy! Hope you enjoyed them too!
And what a victory it is. It is so hot its just amazing that anything grows. I planted zucchini and they did well for a while. I think we got at least 7 or 8 zucchini's. Who would have thunk it out here in the desert.
Thanks for all the great comments ladies! And the encouragement... for my pseudo-green thumb ; ). Hehe.

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