Shan Dong's Secret Door

Photo credit: Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

Pssst!! For those who don't read Korean or Mandarin finding Shan Dong on Jones Blvd. may be a bit tricky. Hidden away in the 168 Market Plaza, it's markings are only in those two Asian languages... so for those that need a little extra help to find the place (AKA: me), just look out for #3419 (the address marking) on a restaurant front that matches this picture.


SonyaAnn said…
You always make me want to move and explore!
EatTravelEat said…
Thanks for a recommendation on a Chinese restaurant! Now I will have more Chinese food options other than my favorite Yunnan Garden and Sam Woo which is not very good at all. said…
Wow. This is my mom's restaurant. How did you come about making a blog for her restaurant.
Sonya Ann: You are a sweety... and really you and your fam need to have a Las Vegas get-a-way soon : ). When it starts getting cold up North, think about it ; ).

EatTravelEat: Hehe, I'm always getting restaurant ideas for California from your blog, so it's pretty exciting to have one for you this time. Very cool!!! Love Shan Dong... a cozy place with delicious food. Best regards to you and your mum.

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