District Halloween Decor

Halloween is in the air... at least at The District in Henderson (the twin city of Las Vegas!)
The hip little shopping mecca, adjacent to Green Valley Ranch, is getting into the mood with ghosts floating about between the palm trees (do you see them?!?!)....
Plus, an enormous (and friendly) ghost and his companion jack'o'lantern hanging out in the main plaza... I don't think I've ever seen a ghost stick out his tongue... have you?

And finally, reems and reems of spiderwebs have somehow encased the shrubs all over the District. It was a nice surprise walking along the promenade with all this festive decor around. What types of Halloween-esque decorations are popping up in your neighborhoods?
Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


A.Marie said…
Awww..such a nice, friendly ghost! I'm with you on this one; I've never seen a ghost that had a tongue! :)

My neighbors down the block love Halloween; they were carving a pumpkin the other day with their little boy...it was too cute!

The weather in your pictures looks lovely. It is raining here today..again..I am ready to build an ark! HA!
Anonymous said…
What is the ghost on? Is that a light post?
Super cute and thanks for sharing!
Dia said…
What fun!
My neighbors on the corner used to have lots of Halloween decorations, don't seem to have done anything this year!
I've been making scrumptious pumpkin (well, acorn or delicata squash) smoothies - & enjoy the leaves . . . .
Theresa C said…
alas rain here in Ohio also. We have one house a few blocks over that goes all out for Halloween but the city really does nothing with decorations. I believe that Halloween is really celebrated in Las Vegas and surrounding areas like no other city in the US. We have yet to make it there during this festive time of year but I have a dear hubby that refuses to costume up so it likely for the best. Thanks for posting the pics.
How cool! I really miss the halloween decor...they don't do it at all here. So nice to see a city participating in the holiday.
Chantal said…
Wow, I would love Halloween in a palm setting like this! Gorgeous..

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