Four Seasons Las Vegas

Verdandah, one of the lovely restaurants at Four Seasons Las Vegas is having a wonderful deal for locals until the end of December (so for those visiting Lovely Las Vegas... find your self a local amigo ASAP, hehe). Basically, the deal for those with a Nevada driver's license is that all dishes are 1/2 half the normal price! Here's a glimpse of some of the samplings I had at my recent visit to Verandah:
Little appetizers that were compliments of the chef.
A lovely, season-appropriate yam soup with goat cheese and prosciutto topping.

A lobster saladt. (Quite divine!)

Steamed clams with octupus-ink-infused noodles (very interesting!).

A classic lamb dish for my meat-loving husband.

With a cozy atmosphere and a great deal, Verandah at the Fours Seasons is a great place to visit this holiday season!
All photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


EatTravelEat said…
What?! 50 percent off! WOW! Steep discount you have there!

I've heard of squid ink but never octopus ink. Wonder how that tastes....
EatTravelEat: Yeah, I love the half-off... pretty amazing... as for the ink... You as the foodie and dining expert, are mostly likely correct... I get confused between the two for some reason and probably misspoke.

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