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A voluptuous stone sculpture up for interpretation, located outside at City Center Las Vegas.

Lovely lingerie at Kiki de Montparnasse within Crystals (the City Center shopping plaza).

Indoor art, flowers, and Louis Vuitton - a dynamic trio.

Mesmorizing stairs at the shopping plaza... isn't the design divine?

Up close or from afar, I adore these stairs... and you?
All photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Elie's Papel said…
can't wait to go and see it... love the stairs!!!
Chantal said…
Oh wow! I love the stairs too. I also love the neighborhood you took pics of. Wow. Does it get cold over there in winter? btw, thanks for your kind words on my blog post. heehee! I guess Keira learned her lesson. ;P
Theresa C said…
I too can't wait! Thanks so much for your pictures and your lovely views of Las Vegas.

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