Prayers for Haiti

Prayers and positive energy to Haiti and her people for healing, for the broken pieces to come together as gracefully as possible, and for the missing pieces to never to be forgotten.

Photo by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas (an artistic wall in Berkeley, California)


Linda said…
It is devastating to watch on the news! It really makes you want to open up your wallet, just to help in some ways.
Chantal said…
It's been hard to see the images.. We have a huge haitian community here in Montreal, one of my friends father lives in Haiti and the panic that set in trying to get word... it was hard. We've given to the Red Cross but... seems not enough..
Just, lovely words Jules.
We are of the same mind and I love the picture you posted of Broken Beauty. Note a broken plate can be put back together again with intention and patience.
Please read mine.

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