Cili at Bali Hai, Las Vegas

Cili at Bali Hai Golf Club on Las Vegas Boulevard (the South end of the Strip)

Very cool furniture! Lovin' the green colour, the ornates, and the beautiful flower painting.

A cute elephant watching over Cili's.

Fancy, schmancy menu.

The best pureed mushroom soup I've every had!

Yuuuuummmmmy bread... worth the trip soley for the dough!!!

Saladt... with seafood and peppers.

Chicken pita sandwich with homemade potato chips.

Don't they look gooood? They were delicioso, but a bit too salty after a while.

The pretty vibes... can't believe this is on the Las Vegas Strip!

Cili Bali Hai 2010.

Photo by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Chantal said…
oh wow! Check out the weather and palm trees! It's pretty humid and cold here in Montreal so pics like these make me want to move south. Or out west! The food looks amazing. I could especially use the soup right now.. though with this cold can't taste anything. Btw, did you eat all that?! lol. Yum-my!
Linda said…
You teach me so much about the city I live in! These picture are great and the food looks so Yummy!
Thanks for sharing.
Chantal: Thanks for the comments.... the weather was pretty nice that day but it is still cold here (although definitely not as cold as Montreal or elsewhere in the globe).

Hehe, I didn't eat everything by my self - my husband and I shared everything. But, if my stomach could handle it, I would have been tempted ; ).
Linda: Thank you so much - you are so sweet. I have some places I want to check out in Henderson, so hopefully I'll be posting about some places closer to you soon : ).

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