Green Las Vegas

The new Korean supermarket, Greenland, is glowing in the night. A great place to pick up leafy greens for hot pot as well as stock up on green tea, and seaweed.
The classic green Ay-Chung bowl, reminescent of the ones from Taiwan.

A Very Green door at Vintner Grill in Summerlin.
An excellent spot for power dining as well as romantic dates. Tufts of green decorating the desert floor in Henderson (twin city of Las Vegas).
A rare green on green view at a park in the Northwest portion of town. Love the varying shades of verde against the beautiful blue sky!
And you? What types of green do you spy around your own town?
All photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Linda said…
I just love to see yards with grass, but last year we pulled it all out for rock landscaping. As you know here in the desert almost everyone is going to rock. I really do miss my grass but like your picture shows you can find some when you look! We have a beautiful park in walking distance to our house to get my green fix.

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