Lovely Las Vegas: Ichiza Japanese Food

What is cool about Ichiza (other than the great atmosphere) is the variety of dishes, from those that seem authentic Japanese to those that have a creative, Southwestern essence. Exhibit A: the crab wrap, filled with delicious crab meat saladt mix, lettuce, tomatoes, and avocado.

Exhibit B: This is probably not too authentic either, as the base is a California roll. On top: eel! See how wide it is? I get embarrassed to eat it in public... what a mouthful! But a definite winner for my dining party.

Exhibit C: an all time favourite of mine - jalapeno fried rice (which I started gobbling up before remembering to snap a photo!). It is so simple, and is definitely something I can recreate without much effort at home, however, I keep ordering it. Somehow it is always the perfect accompaniment to my other Ichiza dishes.

Exhibit D: This one is without a photo, unfortunately. It is something I often crave, but strangely haven't ordered lately (hopefully it is still on the menu?!?). It has an Italian vibe vibe to me. With roasted eggplant and cherry tomatos covered with melted mozarrella and presented in a little ramekin, it is simple bliss. 

Thinking about all this Japanese fusion food, I'm getting hungry. How about you?

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


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