Lovely Las Vegas Desserts: Crown Bakery

Nestled along the same ChinaTown corridor as my Japanese favourite Ichiza, is the cute Crown Bakery. I haven't yet enjoyed the cozy cafe area, but I have gone away many times with delicious treats.

My most recent trip found me bringing home these precious heart cookiees (note the double "e"... for emphasis no doubt, hehe)...These cookiees are really palmiers, non?

And these fantastic green-tea cookies (with the singular "e").

I hope I can make all of these goodies (double e or not) will last alllll week!

Best wishes to everyone for a wonderful Sunday and a beautiful row of 7 days ahead.

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Chantale said…
Mm, the green tea cookies looks delicious! Love the added "ee" on the palmiers. hehe. I thought maybe it was the engrish. Or maybe it *was* intentional. : )

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