Lovely Las Vegas: Red Rock Casino LBS

LBS at the Red Rock Casino is quite the departure from your typical hamburger joint. Upon entering, the vibe is more Chrome Heart than vintage Americana hamburger stand. Yet, one portion of the ceiling is dedicated to an artistic American flag created out of license plates (very cool). Other unique interior design elements include: the black, lace-design paneling on the glass walls that conceal the restaurant from the casino, and the exposed, old brick wall look that was scattered throughout. 

As for the food, I was in a very plain jane mode and ordered the "Plain Jane" hamburger (quite the departure from my usual tastebuds which would have had me leaning towards the vegetarian billy "goat" burger [which features goat cheese, sans any meat (obviously)] or one of the spicier choices, "el caliente". My plain jane burger did have one interesting twist in the form of a juicy (free range) turkey patty. When it arrived to my table, I was quite impressed by the size and look of the lucious sandwich. The turkey was definitely juicey, and, overall each bite was pretty good, but I wasn't totally enamoured... in fact, I was daydreaming about my experience with Barnaby's yummy burgers in Houston, Texas.

My dinner was accompanied by a huge stack of fries, and while my hamburger was decent, my fries were excellent! Apparently they are made on site (fresh is good)... and they have flecks of green herbs. I quite enjoyed them alone, but also found myself dipping them frequently in the organic ketsup that was on our table as well as the herb-infused sauce that came along with the order.  I couldn't finish all the fries, but I really, really wanted to.

Another positive aspect of the experience was the draft root beer... which is actually made in Las Vegas! It was another delightful aspect of the meal.

A big stack of DELISH, herb-tinged fresh french fries, along side a plain jane turkey burger.

All and all, the root beer, fries, and atmosphere make me likely to return to LBS. Plus, I was eyeing the sourdough pretzel sticks and the milkshake/malt options, so the odds are in favour of a second visit.

Photo by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


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