Lovely Las Vegas: Vegetable Garden

I've been inspired to create a little vegetable garden at my very own house this time. My aspiring gardener tendencies revolve around gardens from my childhood summers at my grandparents' homes as well as enjoying the fresh produce from my parent's own gardens. Grocery shopping for food at parents' casa rocks!

These are the Star Nursery finds. Part of the yield is for my mum and part is for my soon to be garden. Star Nursery was running a deal today for 88 cents on little four inch veggies. I scored some bok choy, eggplant, cucumber, tomato, onion, jalapeno, corn, yellow pepper, asparagus, and strawberry starter plants. All these seemed potentially desert-friendly, so I am hoping for the best.

All of this is very exciting, no? But making a little garden in a HOA is no small task. Plus, there are so many rocks in my backyard, which is another hinderance to my green thumb aspirations. So for now I think I will be creating little pot gardens, instead of transplanting all the lovely vegetables (and fruit) to the proper ground. Baby steps, right? If I do well with the pots, maybe a traditional garden will be next...

Is anyone else getting their Spring garden prepared?
Or does any one have recommendations for yielding lovely crops in a desert environment?
Any general or desert specific hints will be greatly appreciated! 

All photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas 


Linda said…
I tried a little garden last spring and I think it did quite well. This year I am trying flowers from seeds. So far its not going as well as I hoped. I am keeping my fingers crossed!
Good Luck with your Garden Let us know how it goes!
Hope you have a great Easter!
Becca said…
Just coming over to say and get reacquainted with your blog! Good luck with the veggies. I've only tired basil and parsley here in Vegas, and only put them in containers. I hate dealing with this soil! Good luck, and Happy Easter.
Linda: Awesome that you had a good success gardening laster year. Please keep me posted on your flowers... what type are you trying to grow? I mum is going to give me some iris bulbs but things that planting them in the Fall would be better. I'd also love some bourganvilla, lavender, tulips, and sunflowers. What do you think?
Becca: Cool! Basil and parsley rock. Growing tomatos and basil, I'd be tempted to have tomato-basil-mozarrella saladt daily, hehe.

You are right the soil is tough - I tried digging last weekend. With all the wind and cold, on top of the tough soil, it was quite the project. I still have layers to dig away before I am ready to plant...

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