Lovely Las Vegas: Agave

As you may be noticing lately, I do love succelents.
Here is one lovely agave in a parking plaza in Las Vegas. 
What a magnificent succulent form, no?

I heart this agave artwork in Aaron Brothers.
Beautiful and less risk for prickly injuries.
Plus, the colours, again... those blues and greens so gorgeously blended...
This canvas is definitely on my wish list.

Las Vegas also has a beautiful Mexican-inspired restaurant called Agave.
It is located in Summerlin and is housed in an architectural delight.
Hopefully I can share some photos in the future (it's been a while since I've visited there).

[photos by jules @ lovely las vegas]


EatTravelEat said…
Succelents are nice! Bellagio puts fake ones in their suites. I've been wanting succulents since I saw some at a hotel last November.

I like both agaves! It is interesting how yellows are added into the canvas painting.
Chantale said…
Love these! Jules, thank you for your wonderful and sweet comment. I'm not going to be weepy and morose because I know my mom would smack me upside the head if she ever saw me do that! Esp if it was on account of her. : ) So.. I'm going to give her the ultimate tribute and stay happy and care for my little family. It's what she would want (plus, she told me so last time I saw her). She was a small but feisty lady and she meant so much to me. Thank you for your words! It means alot to me. Have a great day!

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