Lovely Las Vegas: L'elysee

 Time and again, I like a little visit to the pastry shop L'elysee... sometimes I have to walk away empty-handed because they only accept cash... those are sad times, especially when I don't realize the low cash situation until I've found something delicious (very easy to do).

The chocolate cake here, and the purple-hued taro cakes are favorites.

Simple, yes, but when fresh, oh so light and aery, plus the richness of the cream filling.
It was hard to take time to shot the fotos... the first bit was tempting me to be had.

The savoury stuff is good, too.
Here, a grain-filled bread so lovely while encased in the classic L'elysee wrapping.
Overall, L'elysee is a charming place in Las Vegas.


Chantale said…
I am sooo glad i don't like cake. hahaha! These look scrumptious nonetheless!
Oh yum! I hate going to a shop like that and not having enough money. I get so excited and then...nothing. I understand your frustration.
Mallory said…
That looks intensely delicious! Forgetting cash must be very sad indeed.
EatTravelEat said…
Chocolate cake rolls are always yum :). Been eating them for years. Forgetting cash would make me sad indeed if I saw something like that for purchase!
Chantale said…
Jules, the car with Quebec plates you were driving behind? --- wasn't us. lol! I only WISH it were us!! Now that would be an epic road trip for us and I really hope we get to do it! Have a super day sweetie.

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