Lovely Las Vegas: Happy Syttende Mai!

Happy 17th of May!
In Norway this day is Syttende Mai, which is Norwegian Constitution Day, noting when Norway become independent from Sweden (in the early 1800s).

I wish to be celebrating in Oslo, with a big parade and much festivity, but a quiet little meal of gjetost, crispbreads, and saladt, accompanied by Norsk musikk will have to do for Lovely Las Vegas for now. Maybe I will bring out my Norwegian bunad jewelry, too, for an extra holiday touch.

My gjetost on top of Wasa bread (which is ironically Swedish, I think, hehe) and adjorned with my little Norwegian flag. Which decorates my kitchen year round, not just for the 17th of Mai.

Hope everyone has a beautiful Syttende Mai!

Photo by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Chantale said…
Happy Syttende to you! Ok, wait.. let me sound stupid here but I'm guessing you're of Norwegian descent? lol. Have a great day!!

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