Lovely Las Vegas: Tokyo Discount and Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat

Kit Kat - Made in Japan!

My Tokyo Discount Desserts: Matcha green tea Kit Kat and Mango chewing gum

It's funny how when you first become aware of something it suddenly appears before you in expected places, usually shortly after hearing about it.

Just the other day, while tuning into NPR, I heard an interesting piece about candy in Japan. What stood out most to me was how many varieties of Kit Kat flavours availabe. I had no clue! In Norway there is a bar that looks and taste just like Kit Kat, however it is called Kvikk Lunsj (meaning quick lunch) and is a popular snack to take on the trails.

In Japan, however, there are ever changing flavours. The radio personality tried a ginger version of Kit Kat while on the air. Pretty cool, huh?

So how does this have anything to do with me? Well, today I visited a little store called Tokyo Discount. I came across it yesterday night when it was closed and was intrigued enough to return. It appeared to be a place more likely to be found in Los Angeles than in Las Vegas. Anyway, today worked out to stop by. Inside was filled with many neat Asian toys, potteries, gadgets, collectibles, and even convenience style food stuff.

The best part of this store, at least considering my recent awareness of Japanese Kit Kat, was that there were two unique flavours of Kit Kat bars inside! One was white chocolate and the other was matcha green tea!

I still have an unopened package... I will patiently await the right time to test it out (however, I probably won't be able to hold out the entire weekend, hehe).

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Chantale said…
Mm yum! I love japanese products. I have actually tried the green tea kitkat! My friend in Tokyo sent it to me as well as orange and raspberry flavoured ones. Also white choco kitkat. There were a few flavours introduced in Canada but I haven't seen any for a while. Just dark and regular milk chocolate. We also have chunky kitkats. I'm not sure why but there are alot of chocolates here that I can't find in the States. Ah well.. they're all yummy!
EatTravelEat said…
I've heard much about these types of Kit Kats but have never eaten one! Hi Chews are delicious as well :). Haven't had one though in a while now.
Sounds really interesting. I love green tea and green tea ice cream. I also love Japanese goodies. They tend to have less sugar and more flavor and are often pretty colorful.
Mary said…
Which Tokyo Discount did you go to for the green tea kit kat?
Hi Mary - the one off of Tropicana... can't recall the cross-street, but there is a Pier One in the same plaza right next to Tokyo Discount.
Sam said…
That is so interesting! I can't say that I'd like those flavors though... would be still fun to try! :)

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