Lovely Las Vegas Weddings: The Grove at Silk Purse Ranch

The Grove at Silk Purse Ranch in Northwest Las Vegas (off North Durango and the 215)
It has many lovely locations for wedding ceremonies on the ranch, including this spot where I was privy to a beautiful and cozy wedding this weekend.

During the ceremony, I was delighted to look up and see so many trees creating a green canopy.
Such an earthy vibe - I love it!
The gorgeous bride and her sparkly, lacy gown and veil and her maid of honour all pretty in pink.
After the ceremony we migrated indoors to the Grove Garden Bistro. The white stucco decor, arches, wooden beams, and floral-painted walls gave the vibe of a cozy little villa.
Lovely flowers, non?
These were created by V, a friend of the bride. Quite impressive...
A quick glimpse of inside the bistro. I like the arches and the little painting details... and the cake!
The exterior of the elegant cake hide a cool suprise of three different flavours - one from each layer - red velvet, carrot, and chocolate. Perfect for those indecisive like mysef!
A close-up of the cake top. Again, I heart the fresh flowers everywhere.
Before the cutting of the cake there was a colourful fruit platter decorated with the prickely top of a pineapple. While eyeing the food, I actually meet another blogger! Kristen, of Swanky dietitian, writes about healthy eating, among other things, and was snapping pics of the uniquely adorned fruit platter. 
The bride and the groom off to new adventures - congratulations you two!
And the best of the best wishes on this new chapter together.

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

The Grove
8080 Al Carrison Street
Las Vegas, NV 89131
(702) 645-5818

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