Lovely Las Vegas: Island Flavor

I recently heard an NPR interview that alluded to Las Vegas as the ninth island, because of the many transplants from Hawai'i. Certainly, on a daily basis, I see bumper stickers or car decals that reflect Hawai'ian pride (or at least a love of the 50th state). Those images of the islands, or 808, with the 0 replaced by a cute circular tortoise put a smile on my face, but what really makes me happy (other than actually being on Hawai'ian soil) is getting to savour Hawai'ian food. How about you?

Here are some food shots from Island Flavor on South Durango.
Guava juice along with breaded chicken and a salad.
Shrimp breaded with panko. I think this was called Furikake... like the seasoning?
But I don't recall exactly.
The side salad that came with my shrimp.
(I picked this over the macaroni salad to balance the heaviness of my fried fish).

Not pictured: the Portuguese bean soup... which turned out to have more sausage than beans, ironically. While I enjoyed the whole meal, and the sweet wait staff, that soup may have been my favourite part!

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Chantale said…
Oh yum! I wish I could partake in the meal with you it looks so good! I didn't know there were many Hawaiians in Vegas. Do you know why? Besides, who would want to leave the islands of Hawaii??! lol. Have a great weekend Jules!
Hehe, I agree with you, Chantale - my husband and I wanted to move to Hawai'i, so it is interesting that Hawai'ians are coming to the desert. Based on our job search and what we've heard, I think it is job opportunities, actually, that have resulted in the move of so many islanders to Las Vegas.

At least we can all still vacation there : ).

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