Lovely Las Vegas: Paris Burger Brasserie

The other day I made my way to Bally's/Paris to meet up with my mum's cousin who was in town.
Because of a crazy work schedule lately, I haven't been to the Strip lately.
It was a nice change to walk around the casinos while visiting.
J'adore the chandeliers in the Paris lobby.
There are some other fun features throughout the hotel as well.
But after a bit of walking around, we started to get hungry.
Unfortunately, it was a busy day in Paris.
And while there were many tempting restaurants, the one we could get in with little wait ended up being Le Burger Brasserie. Ironic, non? And maybe a little embarrassing, too. Not very French, right?
Despite the sports bar vibe, it was nice meal with my mum, my mum's cousin, and me.
Here is our cousin's hamburger.
The presentation was quite fancy compared to a typical hamburger, so it was a nice surprise.
My mum's spinach salad.
My grilled chicken salad with walnuts and raspberries.
It was delicious as is, but is supposed to come with feta, but mine was void of the yummy cheese.
C'est la vie.
So maybe this little excursion to Paris didn't include a very Parisien dining spot,
 but does topping the meal off with red wine help any?

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Linda Robinson said…
Your pictures look wonderful. and that food looks yummy!
It is so sad that here I live in Vegas and I think I have only been to Paris 1 time. Your pictures inspire me to go again.

Thanks for sharing,
Hugs, Linda
Linda: Thank you for the sweet comments. I'm kind of embarrassed to say it but the salad was really yummy at the Paris Burger Brasserie and I was impressed by the look of the burger (they did have options of salmon, chicken, and veggie patties, I believe, too, so maybe I'll try next time).

As for you, missy, you need to get yourself to the Strip on of these days, hehe. Although, I do think you are very busy with your crafts, so it is totally understandable that excursions to LV Blvd are at a minimum.

Keep up the good work!

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