Lovely Las Vegas: Bar + Bistro

My friend T's mum is one cool lady who works within the artistic scene downtown. 
And she just sent along the scoop about some great drink specials at the Bar + Bistro at the arts factory. 
I cannot drink these days, but that doesn't mean everyone else should miss out! 
So for those locales (I'm talking to you Linda, hehe)
or those visiting Las Vegas, 
you might just want to check out this area of town. 
For drinks, dinner, and some artsy inspiration.   


Sorry the image is all split up!
I had to cut and paste from the original and it was not too successful of an endeavour, unfortunately...

Bar + Bistro @ the arts factory (Downtown Las Vegas)
107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite #155
At Art Way (Casino Center & Charleston)


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