Lovely Las Vegas: Chihuly at City Center

There is are many beautifully unique pieces of art
at Dale Chihuly's gallery at City Center Las Vegas (on the Strip).

There are many glass creations but also paintings.

I always invision Chihuly's creations hanging from a grand ceiling,
but apparently he does more delicate things like vases, too. 

I love the glow and grace of this white glass wonder...

Here's a classic Chihuly piece in my opinion.
There's a piece similar to this inside
the 6th most beautiful hospital in the US.

This reminds me of a fall-colour version of the
Chihuly piece in the Bellagio...

Of all the pieces, here is my favourite!
Love the vibe from outside and inside the gallery.

Which is your favourite Chihuly piece?

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Linda Robinson said…
I see you got a new look also.. It looks great!

I still haven't made it to city center.. You know me, I never get down there to the strip... But your photos are wonderful and all of the Chihuly Pieces are Beautiful.. Now I just need to take a drive and take a peek for myself!
Hilary said…
Just found you site! I actually sold a Chihuly piece once working at an Art gallery in Laguna Beach.
His work is really exceptional.
SonyaAnn said…
I love the new look of the blog, very classy!
I think that the last piece is my fav only because I love blue!
Linda: Hehe... I totally understand... I don't like driving on the Strip myself. So, my voyages there are generally when my hubby is in the mood from some food or art or shopping located at one of the casinos on Las Vegas Boulevard.
Hilary: Thank you for your comment! How totally cool that you've actually sold a Chihuly piece. What a fun joy to work at a gallery in Laguna... I'm envious ; ).
Sonya Ann: Good to hear from you!

Yeah - that irredescent blue totally captured my attention. Plus, I love the contrast of the glass anchored into the natural wood. What a lovely juxtaposition (is that a word?).
Chantale said…
I love Chihuly too and these are incredible! Wow, can't pick a favourite, they're all so gorgeous.. How lucky are you to see it up close and personal. I only got to see his work once..
World Traveler said…
Hey I'm headed to Las Vegas for a couple of days in July, and want to see all of the Chihuly stuff that is in Vegas.
Do you have a list of all the places where I could see his work in Vegas? I'd appreciate it!
Thanks! Great pics!

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