Lovely Las Vegas: Molto Vegas Farmer's Market

My friend C, is my personal shopper at the Farmer's Market. She's actually a physician from Canada waiting for her credentialing in the States (it is a more complicated and long process than one would imagine!) Anyway, she is kind of playing housewife in the intermediary, and has been making trips to the Molto Vegas Farmer's Market that apparently Mario Battali set up on the south end of Las Vegas Boulevard. It occurs during the daytime on Thursdays so work prevents me from visiting it (work prevents one from many fun things, no?). Anyway, driving home today, I got a call from C saying that she had picked up some things for me at the Farmer's Market!!! How sweet and thoughtful is that?! Big hugs to you my Canadian friend.

Here's a glimpse of the goods C picked up for me:

Beautiful grainy bread, plump carrots, vibrant summer squash, and the best smelling cantaloupe ever!

Wonderful colors and textures

Tantalizing smell.

I'm smitten with all these farmer market finds... but I am especially drawn to the bread.

It looks so tempting! No?

Full of cranberries, seeds, and seasonings, it sounds divine.
But I am sure none of these goods will stay this way for long!
To the kitchen I go : ).

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas
Fresh produce and bread courtesy of Miss C via the Molto Vegas Farmer's Market


Theresa C said…
I imagine that growing fresh fruit and vegetables in the desert to be a challenge. Enjoy they look delish! and yes I can relate about the job interfering with life *sigh* but I guess its better than the alternative.
A.Marie said…
Oh wow...those carrots look so lovely! And, I am marveling at how the squash and cantaloupe can grow in a desert area. Maybe they get watered alot? Anyway, my mouth is absolutely watering when I look at that bread. I can just imagine how good it tasted!

I haven't been over to your blog in such along time....I hope all is well with you! I love the pics; looking at them is like a mini vacation for me!!!! :)
Chantale said…
She is so sweet! But then, you're worth it, non? Farmer's Market on a Thursday?? Um, okay. The bread looks incredible! I think I watch too much CSI Vegas because the farmer's market and the vegas strip is clashing in my mind. lol! Thx for debunking the myth in my head Jules! This is why I love your blog.. it's a more truthful look to Vegas. Hope you're having a great weekend!

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