Lovely Las Vegas: Purple Power

Tomorrow is all about red, white, and blue in the States... but today.... how about this colour?
Look my little desert in bloom!!!
After my garden worries - dead lavender (I think due to overwatering), drooping greens everywhere -
I have found great joy in the flourishing pinkish-purple blooms in my backyard.
When all the other plants and vegetables were growing, this plant had very few flowers.
Look at it now!
Unfortunately, I don't bloom as nicely in the mid-day heat.
So enjoying purple mixed berry gelato, with friends, 
at Whole Foods (or somewhere similar)
 is what I hope to be doing during the intense afternoon heat.
And you? Where will you be and what do you have planned for summer?

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Chantale said…
that is just beautiful! Do you guys get much rainfall over there? We have been getting so much rain in between sunny days, lucky for us we haven't had to water much this summer so far.. Hope your garden continues to bloom!!

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