Lovely Las Vegas: Swish Shabu Shabu

Swish Shabu Shabu at 7875 West Sahara Avenue Las Vegas.
A favorite for cozy Japanese food - sukiyaki, shabu shabu, etc.
It is next to Red Velvet Cafe in case you want a little desert after your meal
(and aren't in the mood for mochi at the moment).

Okay, so it is 108 degrees out,
but what's that to stop one from cooking their food over boiling hot water?
[Plus, the A/C indoors during the summers is intense, no?]

No matter the shabu shabu (or sukiyaki) selection, a plate full of vegetables, mushrooms, and tofu is offered.

Doesn't it look yummy?

And don't forget the sauces for dipping...
I think the one on the left is soy-based and the one on the right is infused with yuzu.

Shabu shabu is my preference over sukiyaki...
Here's the shabu shabu pot water preparation. 

Condiments (green onions, garlic, raddish, and chili sauce) to
infuse flavor into the water and the dipping sauce as per one's preference.

A healthy portion of the prime rib meat.
This cooks up in seconds inside the boiling hot water.

I let the veggies bathe for quite a bit longer.

This on was my husbands pot - much more beautifully crafted than mine...
veggie perfection, really!

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Chantale said…
Hey Jules! Nice soft new look to the blog!
We're having a super heat wave but like you, with all the a/c at full blast, I wouldn't mind having that wonderful soup. Mmm... Plus, being all veggie makes it nice and light for summer! Hope it was good.
Hilary said…
is it strange that I crave soup even in summers?!
Dianne said…
Wow, I haven't had Shabu Shabu in ages. Mostly because I can't find many places that have heard of it outside of Tokyo. Now I know where to find it in Las Vegas. Thank you!

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