Lovely Las Vegas: Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Diner
6180 West Tropicana Avenue - Las Vegas, Nevada 89103-4604
(702) 368-1077
Location: between Jones & Torrey Pines

Within the urban Las Vegas desert resides a cozy little cabin called the Black Bear Diner.

Inside, Black Bear is spoken.
Had I known, I would have brought a translation dictionary...

Luckily, the newspaper menus were available in English.

I went to this diner to meet up for brunch with some friend.
There was quite a large selection of breakfast items and dinner meals.
There were three carnevores among us - here is what they ate:


Ribs with a double side of veggies (and a large side of fries)

The country steak...

Here are the more veggie-grain-centric meals:

A huge, huge stack of nutty, granola pancakes

Waffles loaded with whip cream and strawberries

The Shasta omelette (basically a veggie omelet with avocado)

I, unfortunately, gobbled up my meal before realizing there was habanero sauce lurking around the corner!
It would have been a perfect pairing for my eggs...

The big homemade biscuit that one can order instead of toast.
It was okay tasting, but kind of crumbled apart, making it a bit difficult to eat, not to mention add butter to.

Overall, I like the cozy vibe of Black Bear Diner, especially accompanied by friends and family.
The food is definitely diner-style, kind of reminescent of what you might find on a road trip.
Nothing too fancy or delicate, but decent grub to fill the belly with. As for my omelette, I quite enjoyed it and definitely would be back, at least to give the habanero hot sauce a try!

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Linda Robinson said…
That all look so yummy.. I have been to a black bear diner.. But not to the one in Vegas, It was in Carmel, CA.. But it has closed down since..

I hope you have a great week!
EatTravelEat said…
Those servings are giant! I'd be sharing with someone or taking the leftovers home. But I'd definitely enjoy the omelette. :)
Chantale said…
OH WOW!! I wish I had gone with you here. The portions are CRRRRAZY here. Whoa. But everything looks delish! Lucky you...
Becca said…
Hi Jules, we eat at the Black Bear Diner in Susanville, California whenever we are on a road trip to Oregon! I've never been to the one here in Vegas.
Theresa C said…
we are definitely eating there next trip. OMG does that food look great

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