Lovely Las Vegas: City Center Crystals

A few weekends ago, my husband was in need of a shopping excursion.
So to Crystals at City Center Las Vegas we did go.
There were a lot of beautiful, yet minimally dressed people hanging about the shopping center... well, it was 102 degrees at 9 pm... so one has to do what they have to do, no?

Exhibit B of the sparse clothing...
Is what is good for one Juli(anne) good for another?
Interesting shapes and angles and views abound at Crystals.
I like the thatched roofs in the distance...
What are these?
Apparently these are the pod coverings of Wolfgang Puck's Pods cafe..
but it was closed at that time of night...
or maybe because the heat is making people craving more frozen yoghurt than coffee?
In the middle of the desert, right on Las Vegas Boulevard
was a tornado, do you believe?
Luckily the blanket of succulents survived.
They look so lush and lovely...
Much better than the heat streaken ones barely hanging on in the little garden areas around my home...
Of course, the whole point of going to Crystals is for the shopping, no?
Well, that part if for my hubby, really... I like all the stuff above much more.
However, I do enjoy visiting Kiki de Monteparnasse each time we are there
and was quite intrigued by the jeweler Mikimoto's cultured pearls this time.
That was about it for the evening... just a little walking and browsing and admiring some lovely things,
like the stunning staircase with its geological cross-sections.  
Quite brilliant, no?

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


A.Marie said…
Wow! I've never ever seen such a lovely shopping center...I love those pod coverings of Wolfgang Puck's Pods cool!!!! :)

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