Lovely Las Vegas: Firefly Summerlin

 This meal was at the new Firefly in Summerlin (West part of Las Vegas) during the restaurant's soft opening.

Firefly is a popular place for tapas in Las Vegas... I've been to the original, on Paradise, only two times, but both times the experience was wonderful. The place was packed, there was a bit of a wait (generally two good signs of scrumptious food to come) and the dishes were muy, muy, muy delicioso.

I can't even remember the names of all the dishes my dining party shared... but each was well received.

I, unfortunately, was a little tentative about some of the things... it is better to avoid feta in pregnancy, no?
So I stirred clear (sadly) of a few of the little plates.

However, camarones a la diabla... well, I basically had one whole dish to myself. Hello omega-3 fatty acids.  

Another beautifully presented and delicious tapa per my companions, but I didn't indulge since it had goat cheese (another favorite of mine). Oi-vey... no sangria, no soft cheese, no soup (or sopa) for me...  

But of course, there was dessert... and there is always room for a little sweet treat, no? 
The uber-nerd in me loved the fact that my group ordered tres tres leches ; ).  
This was a heavenly treat! And a very important pregnancy indulgence, I think...

She was not a part of our dining party, but was quietly watched over us during the meal.
I think she was wishing for a taste or two.
Maybe the next time we are at Firefly's, we will share?  

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Sonia said…
I love read every post and see your wonderful photos.
Love this post with yummy food, lol!! Look delicious!! ;-)
Counting my days to travel to my favorite place LV.

Thanks, Sonia! La comida fue muy delicioso ... es la verdad!
Chantale said…
Jules, are you pregnant? if so, CONGRATULATIONS!! Wow, I didn't know. Did you post about it and I didn't see it? If so, I'm so happy for you!!! Aw this little bambino is going to eat some awesome food in life.. lol! I mean, just look at all this lovely spread.. : )
Have a great weekend Jules!!
ps Thx for your always lovely comments on my blog. It really makes my day!
Theresa C said…
Congrats on the baby in your belly! Wishing you a uneventful pregnancy, easy labor and a healthy baby(s). Congrats again!
Sonia: Thanks for your message! Best wishes on your next Las Vegas viaje! Espero que es muy divertido.
Chantale: It is true! Yes, yes - I hope the little ones likes a variety of foods and enjoys exploring the international culinary world and the globe at large.
Theresa C: Thank you so much for the well wishes... it is very sweet of you! Wishing you a wonderful week.

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