Lovely Las Vegas: Orange and Blue Weekends

 Two weekends ago was marked by orange... primarily because of Halloween, but also because I baked some pumpkin, walnut, and chocolate chip muffins.

The surprising orange factor was a lemon tree my husband had planted several years ago (and as of last month had never yielded any fruit), out of nowhere had three orange fruits. I think it never was a lemon tree! Either way, it was an awesome surprise to find some citrus bounty in the backyard...

Last weekend was marked by purplish-blue... watching My Blueberry Nights (with Norah Jones, Jude Law, Rachel Weisz and Natalie Portman) and making blueberry muffins for the week...

This weekend... hasn't really been defined by a colour... how about for you, do you ever have periods of time marked by a colour-theme? Another theme?

Wishing everyone a beautifully colourful November.

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Chantale said…
Oh now I am jealous, a citrus tree in your backyard? That would never work here, not even during our summers. I'm not sure I'm ever held to a theme weekend (except for parties!). I'm more of a sunshine person.. if there is light? I am on top of the world! lol.. and luckily, our weekends have been sunshine awesome. Hope you had a great one too!
Hey Chantale,

Hehe... those were accidental themes... but I guess not so coincidental given the draw the pumpkin during the season...

Yeah - about the citrus tree - it is actually an incredible miracle in my garden since our bounty is generally really small with other veggies... but the fruits are tiny!! Even tinier than the "cuties" that are sold at the market here.

As for the sunshine - I agree. Sunny days are fabulous.

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