Lovely Las Vegas: Flowers & Herbs

Wishing everyone a wonderful week full of sweet suprises.

 I had my own lovely surprise on Sunday mid-morning.
 My friend, T, whose "Fabulous Las Vegas" sign photo shoot was yesterday,
stopped by with a pot full of savory herbs - sage, rosemary, & thyme. I loved this gift double fold since it is perfect for the season and I'm a huge Simon & Garfunkel fan.
 She also brought over these colourful blooms. A fun splash of colour for these colder months!
 I divided them up in several recycled vases - a gourmet soda bottle from Vosages (at Ceasars Palace, Forum Shops) and a sparkling soda bottle from Costco(Izze).
I also used a Martinelli's little apple juice jar for these yellow flowers. 
I brought it back from Little Tokyo, in LA, a while ago, because I thought it was so precious.

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Chantale said…
That is the sweetest bouquet! And I love how you separated them into the bottles. Beautiful. I love S&G too. I used to 'borrow' my cousin's walkman and her S&G tape and listen to them all through the night. : )
Hope you had a great weekend Jules!

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