Lovely Las Vegas: Johnny Smalls at Hard Rock

Here's a photolog of a $19.95 all you can eat dining experience at Hard Rock's Johnnny Smalls - culinary house of ecclectic international little dishes (e.g., tapas, dim sum, mezze). Granted, I didn't eat all this myself! With three other companions, all of us doing the all you can eat deal, we each ordered what we were craving and shared each mini dish.

Lettuce cups with shrimp, mango, slaw, pomegranate molasses, & cucumber

I think this was seabass with mushroom chips

Nuttin Honey - fried shrimp with honey-walnut glaze and candied walnuts


Gentlemen's Guac

Thanksgiving Dinner - Ground Turkey, Cranberry and Stuffing

Meaty Balls - Kobe, Beef, & Pork with Tuscan Gravy


 A pork belly dish

Kobe Chili Dogs

Grilled PB & J with...  

Chipotle peach jam

Hummus Among Us 


Chantale said…
Those are incredible dishes! And they look like pretty big portions.. I wish I could've tried them all too! So yummy.. (good thing I saw this after eating my lunch!).
Sonia said…
Mmm! look yummy! lol!
I'm back from my Vegas Trip!

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