Lovely Las Vegas: HK Seafood Garden

 HK Seafood Garden weekend feast with family:

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Becca said…
This looks so good, where is this? HK?
ChantaleP said…
Yummy yummy! Great feast! I can see that your weekend is going very well already. lol. Have a lovely Sunday Jules!
Sonia said…
Hi Jules
Great pictures as always.. Look so delicious and so yummy, yummy! lol!
I want to know more about HK Seafood Garden.. Where on Vegas?
Hi Becca,

Sorry for the slow reply! HK Seafood Garden is on Spring Mountain (on the north side of the street), in a plaza that has a huge yellow sign that says "Massage". Actually, if you are familiar with Ichiza (the Japanese restaurant)... it is right across Spring Mountain from there. Ichiza is in the little plaza just west of the main ChinaTown plaza. : )

There is also another good "HK" restaurant (apparently, these are Cantonese restaurants, hence the Hong Kong designation). It is at the cross streets of Jones and Spring Mountain and is called HK Star.

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