Lovely Las Vegas: January Snow Day

As a child I used to dream about white Christmas' that I had never known...

But it seems that snow is more frequent in Las Vegas as I've gotten older (hopefully, moreso a result of location/elevation in the part of the city I live than greenhouse ramifications, etc.).

 No matter the reason for the snow, it was such a lovely surprise to awake on 3 Jan 2011 and see a pristine wintery wonderland.

Snowy branches, snowy ground - divine!

Wishing everyone some dreams come true plus their own moments of wonderment in 2011. 

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Becca said…
Beautiful Vegas snow...lovely photos!
Chantale said…
Wow! Gorgeous scenery! Sounds like a beautiful start to your New Year there! Also very surprising, I didn't think snow hit in Las Vegas area..

Hope all's well, have a lovely weekend Jules!
Anonymous said…
Very beautiful!
Sonia said…
Wow! Snow on Vegas, Beautiful!! Great Pictures!!

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