Lovely Las Vegas: To Japan with Love

It sounds selfish to say that I have been sort of disconnected from the tragedies that continue to hit Japan. It is not intentional, but having a new baby at home has put my energies toward family and I haven't been connected to the "real world". Still, I feel full of sorrow for all the natural disasters that have recently occurred throughout the world. I even once visited the cathedral in Christchurch, New Zealand and watched in disbelief by the earthquake that wrecked havoc there...

Despite the distance and not being well-informed of all that is occurring, I'm holding everyone in my thoughts and prayers. And I'd like to do what I can to help (modestly as it may be). If you'd like to help as well, the lovely Chantale, from the Adventures of Skinny Mini Kiki, shares, in her most recent posts, some wonderful ways of supporting Japan and her people. Please check out her site and help out in whatever way you would like.

Photo by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


ChantaleP said…
Aw, thank you Jules for your support. I certainly can understand being a new mom means focussing all your energy on the little one. And for all parents, this is our number one concern. I will be posting again soon about the bento community's rally together to raise money for Japan. You're a sweetheart! Thank you for this..
Take care of yourself and the little one. : )
Jeff mack said…
Great Blog! Keep it up!

Check out my world travel blog. Should be pretty useful for anyone hoping to do the same as there is lots to plan for and be aware of. Learn from my mistakes lol
Bianchii said…
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