Lovely Las Vegas: Garden 2011


Russian Mammoth sunflower seeds. And green pepper seeds dried from last fall's home garden harvest. As a fledling mommy, my spring 2011 gardening is quite limited this season (thus far), but hopefully it will yield some beautiful & delish bounty, despite the late start!

With learning to balancing work and the addition of a new bebe to the family, I'm thinking of joining a organic produce co-op I read about that is associated with one of the local temples. It's called Teva Organic Co-op. Apparently, part of the proceeds help out the associated preschool/elementary school, so it is a doubly lovely endeavor.

Is anyone else a part of a CSA program? How do you like it? Are there any cons? Any information you could shed or if you have other (related or unrelated) recs for healthy family eating, it would be greatly appreciated! 


ChantaleP said…
AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! He is so cute!!! Oh my, 8 weeks already or is this an 'old' photo? How are you adjusting? You are so lucky, now it's spring then summer and you're going to enjoy it so much with him. Don't tell me you're already back to work?
Gardening with baby can be done though in short spats (great for when he naps!). There are many coop gardens here in Montreal, usually in the city and mostly, italians! lol. But I've never heard anything bad about them from my italian friends (usually it's their grandparents who do the coop gardens). Au contraire, I've heard ppl helping each other out etc. Let us know how it turns out if you do join one. : ) And squeeze that little cutie pie for me!
Theresa C said…
I was so glad to see you post, the baby is growing beautifully. Can't help with the co op but I wish you well balancing work, motherhood and organic living.

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