Lovely Las Vegas: Snow in May

I wanted to have a little picnic in May. A lovely idea for Memorial Day weekend, no?
So, instead of staying in town, the hubby and I packed up the bebe and headed out to Mt. Charleston.

 Instead of enjoying an outdoor picnic, we decided to stop early, at the Resort on Mount Charleston, because of snow! Three days before June, and we were witness to lush, white precipitation. Wild.

 Both of the previous two images were from the car. We didn't venture outside with the little bear, and I think he was a little upset about that... can you tell?  

But we did enjoy our picnic, of Einstein bagels (the pretezel and cheese encrusted varieties), hehe and garden veggie shmear plus some sparkling lingonberry cider.

And we did enjoy our views...
the snow, the mountains, the amazement to be a part of such weather three days from June!

The little one was ready for sunnier skies, though, it did appear, so we packed up the in-car picnic, and returned to Las Vegas, to continue the cozy little picnic at home. As he could snuggle unrestrictedly and also have time in his pack'n'play to kick his legs freely, his forlorn-ness did soon dissipate.

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


ChantaleP said…
Wow snow in May! Pretty but.. I think I've seen my fair share of the white stuff already. I feel ya tiny one.. lol. Is he ever a cutie or what?! Pretty soon, we will be hearing about his opinions of restaurant eating! So. Very. Cute!
Becca said…
Yes, pretty strange weather we've been having! We have our windows open now, and it feels cool...weird! Love your photos!

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