Lovely Las Vegas: Toto's Mexican Restaurant

Blurred photos courtesy of the "old school" iPhone of Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas
(...with lovely bebe, gone are my days of fully charged camera batteries and available memory space, hehe)

My family drove past Toto's Mexican Restaurant many, many, many times growing up, so I don't know why we never dined there (except for the fact that we didn't eat outside of our home very often).

A friend recommended my husband visit Toto's for fresh seafood, so last night we decided to end the work week with dinner there. Located at Tropicana and Spencer (near UNLV), we found Toto's to be a cozy spot for comida deliciosa.

Starting off with the ubiquitous chips and salsa and bean dip, I was incredibly impressed by the red sauce. It was fresh, with perfect burst of flavor from the cilantro and onions. A cadillac margarita was enjoyed while we watched the salsa vanish from the serving bowl. Soon afterwards, we began savoring the shrimp and octopus ceviche. While my husband complained that it wasn't as fresh as ones he has tried in Mexico, we both enjoyed the refreshing mix of seafood, veggies, and lime juice.

For our main courses, I simply went with the tacos mexicanos and mi marido selected the carne asada. We enjoyed these entrees while listening to Celia Cruz (one of my favorites) jam overhead throughout much of our meal. And while I took a break to read a little book to the bebe when he awoke from his sweet slumber. Overall, we enjoyed our meal out with the bebe in tow and look forward to returning to Toto's Mexican Restaurant another time.


ChantaleP said…
Mm, looks delish! The only mexican type restaurants I've gone to have been those university type places, where every meal seems to be drowning in some sort of sauce. Your meal sounds so fresh and flavorful! Hope the little monsieur in your life is doing well! Sounds like he is. : )
Theresa C said…
Yummo! I love Mexican cuisine. We always try to eat at Guadalajara (probably a chain restaurant to you locals) when in Vegas. I am addicted to their Salsa bar. Maybe we will have to step outside the box this year as those pics sure do look appetizing even if they were taken with an IPhone.

12 days and counting :o)

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