Lovely Las Vegas: Weird Weather

Fledgling fruit in Miss T's Las Vegas backyard garden

This has been a strange week. With wintry weather outside, I've been tempted to take out my cold climate boots and scarves when normally this is the time of year I'm transitioning to tank tops and other summery wears. Even though the temperatures are 18 degrees Fahrenheit below the usual ones for this time of year in the Las Vegas valley, this is more of a curiosity and actually is a reprieve I'll gladly take before the triple digits return. For those in the south, though, with the devastating flooding, I continue to hold them in my thoughts and prayers, as I wish for them a better situation.

Photo by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


ChantaleP said…
I agree with you on this post. It's only gotten warmer today here but there's still rain. Which is really bad as flooding has affected folks here too (and even with home insurance, they aren't covered for floods.. horrible!). Stay warm & cosy over there!
Theresa C said…
Hope it warms up before I get there, temps in Ohio are warmer than Vegas.. a rarity. Although Ohio has extreme humidity making it seem much warmer than it really is.

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