Lovely Las Vegas: June Garden Update

My little Las Vegas garden is growing bit by bit.

 The Russian Mammoth sunflower seeds are now turning into mini giants... twisting their face back and forth based on where the sun is during the day.
No blooms yet, though, but how fun to watch their daily East and West dance.

I have little baby tomatoes peeking out, even some that are yellowish-orange.

And little flowers on the tomato plants, too.

Even one huge heirloom tomato...

Which we've already eaten, hehe.

Now that the main portion of the backyard is beginning its bloom, it is about time to figure out what to do with this desolate corridor in the backyard...

It's a bit stark for my taste, but a uber-water-saving xeroscape on a positive note.
Recently I saw a modern design home with a minimalistic backyard that reminded me of the French film Mon Oncle, which I quite like in its quirky ways. However, a little lovely green does my soul much good and I would like to do something to this space... 
 Any recommendations for making this tiny area a little less pragmatic and a little more beautiful?

Happy Summer and happy gardening to all!

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


I love seeing all your shots from around LV...what a town filled with lilght and life!!!

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