Lovely Las Vegas: Springs Preserve

My mum called Monday afternoon to key me into free admission at Springs Preserve.
I convinced the hubby to pack up the bebe and off we headed for a little nature afternoon in Las Vegas.

Here are the solar panels that flank the top of the covered parking.
Love the reflection of them on the ground!

There is also a cafe by Wolfgang Puck... but it was, unfortunately, closed today.
I was pretty bummed about that because rumor has it, the cafe may officially close its doors soon. 

Whimsical metal wheat grass art work when we first entered the Preserves...

Beautiful xeroscape all over the place...

A lovely view of greenery and the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino in the distance.

Cool architecture abounds everywhere as well!

This photo just wouldn't save to blogger right-side up! Hehe... 

An artichoke in the garden! It was my first time seeing one growing.... beautiful... and making me crave some roasted artichokes with butter...hmmmmm...

Sunrise Mountain in the distance...

Some sweet mushroom seats! Again tilted photo for unknown (to me) reason.

 And the rest are just some random photos around the Preserves...

Overall a fun little afternoon excursion. : )

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Steve Finnell said…
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Linda R. said…
So sorry I haven't been by in a while. Did I read that you said BEBE. How cool is that. So do you have a little one now.. How cool..
I have a little tike in my life now..
My Grandson.. He is sooo cute.

Looks like you had fun at the Springs Preserve.. I have only been there once and it was for a photography class.. The only problem was the place was jammed packed.. Hard to get photos..

Well I will quite babbling now..

Hugs, Linda
ChantaleP said…
Lovely place! What is this place again? Those solar panels wouldn't work here, there's been so much rain & grey days! So little bébé has already started to cut teeth? That's so awesome! I think it does start around 6 months (oh so long ago!). I'll bet he just looks so cute with his itty bitty teeth! Plus all the drooooool. ;p Have a lovely weekend Jules!

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