Lovely Las Vegas: Fourth of July and Weekend Projects

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!!!

Hope everyone who celebrates has had a great day... when I awoke today, I totally forgot about the holiday... I just kept working on weekend projects, and wha-la it is now already 5 pm! Maybe I can catch some of the fireworks around the valley (I saw that Red Rock Casino will be doing some at 8:45 pm). At least I have a much more organized garage and a cozy, soulful retreat of a bedroom to relax in at the end of today to mark a successful weekend of lingering projects completed.

Photo by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Linda R. said…
What a cute photo of your little one.. I hope you enjoy your 4th of July..

Hugs, Linda
ChantaleP said…
Yay for finished projects! Someone needs to come over my place and do mine. hehe.. Your little one is soooo adorable! He looks like my Keira at that age. Hope you were able to watch the fireworks and have fun after all that hard work!
Theresa C said…
Wow he sure continues to grow precious. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Baby Boy a great song by the late great John Lennon
Bianchii said…
Really nice blog, interesting posts !
It would be nice if you'll visit my blog sometimes :)

Have a nice day :)
Maria said…
What an adorable little guy! I'm apparently far behind with my congratulations!!! How exciting!

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